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SUT Biochemistry & Biochemical Technology Graduate Programs

The Biochemistry and Biochemical Technology PhD and MSc programs are offered by Suranaree University of Technology (SUT), one of the national research universities in Thailand.  SUT was initiated as Thailand's first autonomous public university in 1990, with instruction beginning in 1993.  The School of Chemistry established a graduate program in Chemistry in 1997, which included a Biochemistry section, and in 1998

Biochemistry was initiated as a separate graduate program, including both MSc and PhD programs. 

In 2018, the Biochemistry Program was renamed "Biochemistry and Biochemical Technology" to reflect current trends increasing the emphasis on applied research.  SUT has been designated one of the top research universities in Thailand (one of 9 universities originally designated as National Research Universities) and the Biochemistry group has made a strong contribution to this. 

In 2016, although SUT Biochemistry was ranked 3rd in the country, the School of Biochemistry was merged back into the School of Chemistry.  The Biochemistry and Biochemical Technology graduate programs are administrated by the School of Chemistry.  We expect the Biochemistry and Biochemical Technology MSc and PhD programs to continue to develop in this environment, with opportunities for other outstanding School of Chemistry staff to contribute to these programs as well.

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