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  • How do I apply to study in the SUT Biochemistry and Biochemical Technology Program?
    Please see the "Admissions" page for links to application information at SUT.
  • What are the tuition and fee costs for study at SUT?
    Please see the information on tuition and fees at SUT at: . Generally, an MSc requires 45 credits, an MSc to PhD degree requires 60 credits, and a BSc to PhD requires 90 credits total. See current credit prices and annual fee, etc at the link above. Good students are generally eligible for scholarships, for which possible advisors can help.
  • What scholarships are available for study at SUT?
    Many national and university scholarships are possible, depending on previous GPA and research output. At a base level, advisors who have an outside research grant can offer one student a tuition and fee exemption (OROG = One Research One Grad scholarship), which covers 2 years for MSc, 3 years for MSc to PhD and 5 years for BSc to PhD. Advisors often have partial Research Assistantships available to students (generally up to half time, but it depends on available funds). Students with high GPAs may apply for Teaching Scholarships, which cover tuition and fees and a monthly stipend for the time frames specified for OROG above. These scholarships require teaching 6 to 9 hours a week and additional paper work to 10 hrs/week. Outside scholarships include Royal Golden Jubilee PhD scholarships for Thai and ASEAN students. Contact a faculty member of interest for more information and advice.
  • How do I contact the SUT Biochemistry and Biochemical Technology Program?
    Please see the Contact Tab.
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